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Nature and Occurrence of Bullying
Psychosocial Risks Associated with Bullying
Bullying Prevention
Bullying Detection
Long Term Impact of Bullying


The Global Health Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying will seek the participation of health organizations, around the world, with the objective of:

• Raising professional and general public awareness about the evolving understanding about the nature and toxicity of bullying across social settings and along the lifespan

• Promoting  the implementation of whole-school and workplace bullying prevention programs to enhance mutual respect, sensitivity and support of others, tolerance to diversity, and disapproval of bullying

• Advising clinicians to routinely inquire about  patients’ participation or exposure to bullying and to detect  bullying related morbidity, in all clinical encounters

• Supporting  the patient’s right and need to report incidents of bullying, to school or workplace institution  as a vital public health tool which can facilitate an organizational effective intervention

• Fostering school or workplace intervention to support and protect people who are being bullied, and to counsel those who bully others about the harm inflicted and the public health need to preserve a physical and emotional safe educational and workplace environment.

• Recommending the clinical evaluation and treatment of people who experience physical and emotional symptoms linked to their participation in bullying by being bullied and or bullying others

• Keeping informed on the evolving flow of research-based knowledge about the nature, morbidity and prevention of bullying related morbidity

• Advancing clinical, epidemiological, prevention and  treatment research on the health and safety risks linked to bullying

• Advocating for the development and enactment of public health policy and legislation for the prevention of bullying across social settings

• Developing and participating in a partnership (coalition) with all sectors of the community, for the prevention of bullying